Acadia, Curtin University sign licensing accord

April 24, 2012

Dr. Conor Vibert
Dr. Conor Vibert

Acadia University and Curtin University in Perth, Australia have signed a licensing agreement to use Acadia’s Multimedia Case Management Series (AMCMS).

The innovative, web-based case management system was developed by Dr. Conor Vibert, a professor of business strategy in Acadia’s F.C. Manning School of Business and Acadia video producer Dave Sheehan. They have worked closely with faculty members and staff at Acadia to create the MCMS, which is designed to replace traditional, paper-based business cases used in higher education and the corporate training market.

This is the second licensing agreement involving the AMCMS. The first was signed in March 2011 with the University of Prince Edward Island. Vibert says the five-year contract with Curtin University came into effect this February.

“We are supplying 25 video interviews and approximately 500 video clips to the Curtin Business School,” Vibert says. “Each interview has about 20 clips. Fifteen of the interviews were filmed in Perth, Australia, and the other 10 in Canada.”

The clips provide a broad range of insight. In general, interviewees were asked about themselves, their companies and their industries. “They represent a range of small and medium-sized business owners, managers of small and medium-sized businesses, and CEOs or executives in multinationals,” Vibert says.

The database offers realistic and authentic local content, Vibert notes; managers talking about issues and explaining how they run their operations and businesses. “The problems and challenges faced by small or medium-sized businesses here,” he suggests, “are probably similar to those faced by businesses elsewhere,” and that’s the beauty of the content. It’s relevant and transferrable.”

With the support of Acadia’s Office of Industry and Community Engagement (ICE), Vibert says the commercialization of the AMCMS is moving forward nicely and proving to be quite interesting. The database is an important tool for institutions because “it’s a means for them to engage important stakeholders, either locally or elsewhere.” Participants lend their expertise and the platform provides portable, go-anywhere information.

The next step for Vibert and the Acadia team is to update the current content to include the local agri-business and wine industries. “We have possible trips coming up also to Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Iceland. In terms of the whole platform,” Vibert says, “we are continuing to look for ways to monetize it.”

To learn more, contact Dr. Conor Vibert at
Or contact the Office of Industry and Community Engagement (ICE).


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