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It's about that voice. The one inside you. Telling you that you're a scientist, maybe a musician, a teacher, a CEO, a humanitarian, a politician - perhaps all of those, or more. That voice saying that there's something amazing inside you. Our job at Acadia University is to bring that out. And we're very good at that.

For 176 years, we have focused on providing a premium undergraduate experience for students from around the world. High quality. High engagement. Educating the entire you.

A place where your profs mentor and coach, where disciplines intermingle, where you volunteer to help others. A place where new friends become family.

Together, we've got a formula. 1+1=3. We are partners in your education. We inspire each other - making the sum greater than the parts. The outcome will set you up for more than a career. It will set you up for life.

That's the Acadia Effect.

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