From the President's Desk

Canada Day Message

A Canadian flag flying in the breeze.

Given the year in which we are living, I hope all of us take the time to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing Canada Day. Though only six months old, 2020 has challenged us in new ways and brought times of great sadness and stress to many. While we continue our combined efforts to find a stable footing, Canada Day gives pause to our efforts so we can appreciate all that this wonderful country has given us.

The pandemic has tested us and has forced unpleasant and unwanted measures upon us. If that wasn't enough, racist events continue to demonstrate that not all in our nation and our community universally enjoy the ideal of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

That is why we are proud to be a part of Acadia – so that together as professionals, educators, researchers and learners, we might have some part in ensuring that we make Canada a better country for all of its citizens and residents. Still, we are grateful for our democracy and the peace, order, and good government that flows from it – imperfect as it may be. The times when that peace is shattered remind us of what we must be thankful for and must never take for granted.

Just as we cannot rest on the journey to build our nation, even when times are tough and events around us seek to sew doubt, we will continue to build Acadia as those who came before us did, with gratitude for today and hope for a better tomorrow.

So I take this opportunity to wish you all, staff, faculty, students, alumni, friends and supporters of Acadia a very happy Canada Day.

Celebrate Canada! We are stronger together.



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