Campus Update - Mask mandate extended for winter term

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

Over the past few weeks, Acadia’s senior administration has consulted with public health officials, other universities, and the University’s Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee to determine our masking approach for the winter term.

Following these consultations, we have decided to extend the mask mandate in classrooms (including labs, seminar rooms and other formal instructional spaces) until April 30, 2023. While strongly recommended, masking will no longer be required in public areas in academic buildings.

Those with any symptoms of COVID-19 or other seasonal illnesses are strongly urged to stay at home, but if unable to do so, are asked to wear masks and follow all public health directives and recommendations while moving around campus. It is important to protect yourself and others as we continue dealing with the pandemic’s impacts.

We know that we cannot maintain a mask mandate indefinitely, and we must learn to live with COVID-19 as one of many viruses that can cause respiratory illnesses. Therefore, we anticipate that after April 30, 2023, the masking mandate on campus will be dropped completely unless a significant change in epidemiology and public health advice demands otherwise.

Please continue to take personal precautions to keep yourself and others healthy, and please be considerate of those in our community who are in high-risk categories and/or live with high-risk individuals.
We ask that you also respect those who wear masks in public places.

Thank you for doing your part to protect our community from COVID-19 and its variants.


Mr. Chris Callbeck
Vice-President, Finance and Administration
Chief Financial Officer

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