Nutrition and Dietetics (BSN)

What we eat has a tremendous impact on our lives and wellbeing.

Acadia University’s School of Nutrition and Dietetics is home to a vibrant research community and skilled faculty who will help you develop the knowledge and skills you’ll need for a career in this increasingly important field.

You will acquire an understanding about food and develop an appreciation for current issues in nutrition and dietetics. You will gain solid knowledge in biology and chemistry that is applied to studies of food and nutrient metabolism. Combined with courses in areas such as statistics, communications, psychology, and nutrition education, this background prepares you to work effectively with individuals, families, and communities to plan, develop and manage relevant nutrition programs. Outside of the classroom, you can participate in our School’s student society (NADS), the Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals (CAFP), Slow Food, Acadia student government (ASU), and the Acadia Farm, among many other activities.

Be Inspired

The School of Nutrition and Dietetics is the “go to spot” for students interested in learning about nutrition, food, and health. As part of a unified team, we inspire and compel you to learn, question, and develop into well-rounded, competent, independent nutrition leaders. Our strong curriculum includes innovative and integrated approaches, which enhance student and faculty visibility. Our outcomes are recognized locally and nationally. Our faculty, staff, and students support each other and our reputation is enhanced as a result of the building of individual careers in teaching, scholarly activity, and community service.

Future Careers

  • Diabetes educator
  • Food product developer or marketer
  • Food service manager or administrator
  • Food/nutrition writer/journalist
  • Health educator
  • Nutrition educator
  • Public health or community nutritionist
  • Registered or professional dietitian in home care, hospitals, and primary care
  • Sensory scientist
  • Sport nutritionist

"There is a wide variety of areas of study, all of which have practical applications. The small department provides a comfortable and supportive learning environment."

 - Valerie MacPherson, BSN ('10)

First Year at a Glance

Semester One

BIOL 1813
Human Biology 1
CHEM 1013 and 1010L
General Chemistry 1, with Lab
NUTR 1313
Human Nutrition 1
NUTR 1333 and 1330L
Food 1, with Lab
PSYC 1013
Intro Psychology 1

Semester Two

(or other language)
CHEM 1023 and 1020L
General Chemistry 2, with Lab
NUTR 1323
Human Nutrition 2
NUTR 1343 and 1340L
Food 2, with Lab
PSYC 1023
Intro Psychology 2

Co-op Program: Yes

Dietetic Practicum Placements: 11 per year

 either through a research-based thesis, or through a dietetic practicum

Get Involved:
Nutrition & Dietetics Society (NADS)
Student Branch of Canadian Association of Food Service Professionals (CAFP)
Slow Food Convivium
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
Acadia Farm


School of Nutrition and Dietetics
Huggins Science Hall, Room 425
12 University Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia, B4P 2R6