BIOL 1813 NT

Human Biology 1

The fundamental principles of biology with an emphasis on humans. Topics include the foundations of the scientific method, cell cycle and reproduction, mechanisms of inheritance, body organization and systems with an emphasis on organ systems. This course is not recommended for biology majors.

Instructor: Eric Alcorn
Antirequisite: Credit cannot be obtained for both BIOL 1113/1123 and BIOL 1813/1823. Major credit cannot be obtained for BIOL 1113/1123 and BIOL 1813/1823 or BIOL 1853/1863. However, students who have taken BIOL 1813/1823 or BIOL 1853/1863, are subsequently transferring to the Biology major may use either BIOL 1813/1823 or BIOL 1853/1863 as science electives.
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace