Certificate of Music Therapy (CMT)

Choosing First Year Courses

Establishing the best first year schedule helps you set the foundation for a successful Acadia experience. To help with this, your department has recommended the courses you should register for in your first year. Academic advising is available at any stage should you need it.

Certificate of Music Therapy students entering their first year should sign up for:

MUSI 2573 — Diverse Approaches to Music Therapy
MUSI 3563 — Skills and Resources in Music Therapy
MUSI 3573 — Clinical Practice in Music Therapy
MUSI 3560 — Music Therapy Practicum with Seminar 1
MUSI 3570 — Music Therapy Practicum with Seminar 2
PSYC 1013 and 1023 are pre-requisites to signing up for the following courses as fits your schedule. You will not be able to do all of these in your first year but plan over the two years as much as possible:
PSYC 2113 — Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 2133 — Physiological Psychology
PSYC 2153 — Developmental Psychology
One other Psychology course of your choosing

Instrument Competencies:
You must also determine, with the School of Music director, which instrument competencies you will need to work on in your Certificate. Generally you will want to take the following across your two years:

MUSI 2083 — World Drumming
MUSI 1353 — Guitar Class
MUSI 1713 — Music Therapy Guitar Class (Pre-req MUSI 1353 or permission of instructor with previous guitar experience)
MUSI 1733 — Music Therapy Vocal Class
Applied Piano lessons (this is determined with the School of Music Director based on previous keyboard proficiency)
Applied Songwriting (Do not sign up for MUSI 2193 as it is not currently offered in this format). Please contact the music office (902.585.1512) to determine the course code for this class.