Chemistry (BSc)

Choosing First Year Courses

Establishing the best first year schedule helps you set the foundation for a successful Acadia experience. To help with this, your department has recommended the courses you should register for in your first year. Academic advising is available at any stage should you need it.

First Year at a Glance

Fall Semester

CHEM 1113 and CHEM 1110L
Introductory Chemistry 1, with Lab
MATH 1013 and MATH 1010L
Introductory Calculus 1, with Lab
PHYS 1013 and PHYS 1010L
Introductory Physics 1, with Lab
Your choice
Your choice

Winter Semester

CHEM 1123 and CHEM 1120L
Introductory Chemistry 2, with Lab
MATH 1023 and MATH 1020L
Introductory Calculus 2, with Lab
PHYS 1023 and PHYS 1020L
Introductory Physics 2, with Lab
Your choice
Your choice

Important Notes

You will already be registered for all of the above courses, except for the electives.

For elective courses, we strongly encourage you to take 6h from the Faculty of Arts and 6h from the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science (e.g. BIOL 1113/1123, COMP 1113/1123, GEOL 1013/1023, PSYC 1013/1023 OR NUTR 1503/1323).

If you are interested in a career in the Health Sciences, we advise you to take BIOL 1113/1123 and ENGL 1413/1423 (or ENGL 1406).

The following courses may also complement a career in Chemistry: BUSI 1703, ECON 1013/1023.