Kinesiology (BKIN)

Choosing First Year Courses

Establishing the best first year schedule helps you set the foundation for a successful Acadia experience. To help with this, your department has recommended the courses you should register for in your first year. Academic advising is available at any stage should you need it.


Kinesiology students need to register in KINE 1113. All other courses will be registered by the school.

First Year at a Glance

KINE 1013 – Foundations
KINE 1100 – First Aid & CPR
KINE 1213 and 1210L – Growth & Motor Development, with Lab
KINE 1243 – Historical Aspects of Physical Activity & Sport in Canada
KINE 1333 and 1330L – Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, with Lab
KINE 1413 and 1410L – Human Anatomy 1, with lab
COMM 1013 –
Communication for Kinesiology
BIOL 1853 and 1850L – Applied Human Biology 1, with Lab
BIOL 1863 and 1860L – Applied Human Biology 2, with Lab
MATH 1253 and 1250L – Statistics, with Lab

Important Notes

Students transferring to Kinesiology from another institution should contact the Kinesiology department before registering.

You will already be pre-registered for all of the courses above except KINE 1113, which you will need to register yourself in.