Music (BM, BAM, BMT)

Choosing First Year Courses

Establishing the best first year schedule helps you set the foundation for a successful Acadia experience. To help with this, your department has recommended the courses you should register for in your first year. Academic advising is available at any stage should you need it.

First Year at a Glance

You will be pre-registered for your Core Music courses by the School of Music. The Music Core, a common curriculum for all first year music students, includes the following:

MUSI 1273 — Music Through the Ages
MUSI 1283 — Music Through the Ages 2
MUSI 1563 — Music: Body, Mind, Spirit
MUSI 1693 — Playing and Hearing Music
MUSI 181A/181B — Comprehensive Keyboard
MUSI 1823 — Practicing
MUSI 2870 — Concert Credit
MUSI 1600 — Chorus
6 hours of Applied Lessons to be assigned in the Music Office
6 hours of English (1406 or 1413 and 1423) or non-music History

You will only be responsible for signing up for 6 credit-hours of English or History. If you have any questions about course registration, please contact the School of Music.