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    Most courses have returned to traditional classroom instruction. Students will be seated approximately 1 metre apart from each other for physical distancing. Masks are required until provincial policies are relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the return of students increase the public health risk to Wolfville and the surrounding area?

The students will be following the federal and provincial directives to maintain a safe entry to the province. All out of province students (except for those coming from PEI or NL) will be fully vaccinated or have gone through self-isolation and double testing, as per provincial health travel requirements.

The students are also monitored daily to ensure they are following the guidelines, both on campus and off campus. The safety of the community and the safety of the students in quarantine are part of our current strategies.

Responses to surveys indicate that the vaccination rate of Acadia students will be significantly higher than that of the regional population.

Are faculty obligated to accommodate students who are quarantining or cannot come to campus by offering hybrid classes?

We are encouraging all faculty, staff, and students to stay home if unwell or symptomatic. Therefore, if possible, it would be beneficial for everyone if lectures or notes could be relayed electronically to students who are unable to attend class due to being symptomatic.

How do faculty and staff conduct office hours and one-on-one meetings?

We will be an in-person campus once again with mask wearing requirements; however, the option of virtual meetings with others (including students) is available. Students should expect that some of their meetings may be held virtually.

I have vulnerable individuals (unvaccinated or with medical complications) living in my home? Is it safe for me to come to campus and work or study?

Yes, provided you follow the guidelines and protocols set out by Acadia, as we are following the government public health recommendations. Ensure to wear your mask and maintain physical distancing when you are out and about. Perform hand hygiene on-campus and when you arrive home. Public health information shows that the risk of catching COVID-19 from surfaces and clothing is virtually zero, but you may want to change your clothes when you arrive home if you have been in close contact with others and feel that you are unsafe. This is recommended when you are in very close contact (such as health care workers) but is not necessary for the average person. However, it is another strategy that may help you move forward with in-person classes.

What if I cannot attend campus due to health risks?

Staying home when symptomatic is essential to avoid an outbreak on campus. It would be effective to have alternatives available to ensure that our education can continue. This can be in various forms such as video, audio recording of lectures, notes, Teams meetings, or a Teams lecture if a faculty member is unwell but able to teach, etc.. We are moving forward in a pandemic and there will be ailments (not always COVID-19 related) which we need to accommodate, and we are continuing to err on the side of caution where COVID-like symptoms are concerned.

If ventilation is a factor in protecting me from COVID-19 and its variants, how can I know what buildings are safe?

To maintain indoor safety, Acadia is following the approved Hierarchy of Controls, which includes re-directing all possible fresh air into the buildings. This was implemented at the beginning of the pandemic and will continue throughout the pandemic to ensure that any aerosol particles do not remain stagnant but get dispersed accordingly and evacuated out of the buildings.

Is the general public allowed on campus? Why can the public go to the Athletics Complex?

The campus is currently closed, but there are some pre-approved exceptions like the Athletics Complex, Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens, and the Woodland Walking Trails. Effective October 4, Nova Scotia has entered Phase 5 of its recovery plan, and the public can participate in pre-approved events if they provide proof of vaccination.

The Athletics Complex has a very strict criteria they follow that is based on government-approved protocols. Because of their specific location on campus, they can continue some operations safely. The Acadia campus south of Main St. has the bulk of our population and it would be very difficult to monitor general community members.

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