Employee Guidelines

PHASE 2: Increased Access for Essential Work

A goal of this phase is to return people to campus who need access for essential work but not to exceed 50-60% of employees.

Authorization is required to be on campus during regular working hours.

Return to Campus Checklist

Supervisors, Unit Heads, and Directors

Speak with your direct reports about their individual needs and concerns, and consider the operational requirements of your unit. If you can stay the blazes home, continue to work remotely.

If you need to retrieve items from your campus workspace, that is permitted after regular office hours only. Mail pick up can occur during regular office hours.

Researchers (Faculty, Staff, and Students)

Speak with your faculty supervisor (if you are a student) or your unit head/director about your individual needs and concerns, and consider the operational needs of your research. If you can stay the blazes home, continue to do your research remotely.

If you need to retrieve items from your campus workspace, that is permitted after regular office hours only.

All Employees

Speak with your supervisor about your individual needs and concerns, and consider the operational needs of your unit. If you can stay the blazes home, continue to work remotely.

If you need to retrieve items from your campus workspace, that is permitted after regular office hours only.

Access for the General Public

Acadia University facilities remain closed to the general public during Phase 1 of the university reopening plan, but the signs restricting access to the campus grounds have been removed. The general public is now permitted to walk across campus while wearing non-medical face masks, but not to linger or hold any activities on the University grounds, such as picnics or games. The Woodland Trails remain open as they have been since the province lifted restrictions on parks and trails, and the Town Park is also open.

However, the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens, the tennis courts, the e-charging station and all other public facilities remain closed until further notice. Information on the phased reopening of the Athletics Complex and other facilities that are used by the public will be issued separately.

The general public is reminded that a number of students remain in residence for the summer, and social distancing and other gathering restrictions in place in the province of Nova Scotia must be obeyed at all times. Acadia University reserves the right to remove anyone from campus who is not complying with the public health order and/or restrictions adopted by the University. Furthermore, Acadia University reserves the right to reimpose access restrictions for the general public at any time, and may well do so as students start to return to campus for the fall term.

Services for Faculty and Staff

Human Resources

Human Resources released a new online guide on March 18, 2020, for employees who will work from home while the University follows social distancing recommendations in response to COVID-19. Detailed information and technology-related support related to new Temporary Work from Home Guidelines (PDF) released on March 18, 2020, are accessible on the HUB, listed as Work from Home. Employees who can are expected to work from home as soon as possible and practical, once approved by their Deans or Executive Directors.

Human Resources can assist employees and retirees with questions related to travel. As restrictions within Canada and in other countries continue to change and adapt to the evolution of COVID-19 responses, so too have the coverages available under Acadia University’s emergency travel health plan provided by SSQ Insurance. Read more here.

Human Resources also offers an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and offers 24/7 free, confidential support to all eligible Acadia employees. Call 1-800-387-4765 or visit the Human Resources website.


Technology Services / Working From Home

Technology Services is not open for drop-in help but is accepting online requests for support weekdays from from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm for the duration of the Temporary Work from Home period. For the fastest support, please enter a ticket in HUB Service Portal at hub.acadiau.ca. If you have issues with HUB access, you may also send an email to helpdesk@acadiau.ca. If you require assistance with a computer or device, an appointment will be necessary. This can be organized via the HUB Service Portal.

Detailed information and technology support related to the new Temporary Work from Home Guidelines (PDF) are accessible on the HUB, listed as Work from Home.

Set your voicemail to indicate that you are out of office, using the following greeting: "You have reached [name]. I am currently working away from my office as Acadia University does its part to limit the spread of COVID-19. I have limited access to my voicemail, so please send me an email at [email]. Thank you and take care." Access to the voice mail system is available by calling 902-585-8500. Visit the HUB to learn more about greeting options.

Work from home environment

At this time, all laptops, desktops, additional monitors and printers of any kind require Vice President approval and should be procured through Technology Services.   

All purchases of desks, standing desks, chairs and any other furniture to be used outside of the University campus continue to be ineligible purchases.

Supplies such as paper, printer cartridges, office supplies are eligible expenses and should follow normal expenditure procedures and approvals.

The exception to these would be research activities funded by external granting agencies, as these purchases must comply to the eligible expenditures detailed in the grant.

If there are any questions, please contact your Vice President or Financial Services (Mary MacVicar or Weston Gerrits).

Financial Services and Procurement

Financial Services will process invoices, travel claims, and approvals received electronically, including copies of receipts. Please submit any travel claim, cheque request or invoice relating to the 2019-2020 fiscal year as soon as possible to accountspayable@acadiau.ca. However, for audit purposes, you will still need to submit the original receipts and claims at a later date.

Procurement Services has implemented changes to purchase orders, courier shipments, and truck delivery effective March 27.

1. Emailing Purchase Orders

Before the shift to working remotely, Procurement Services would send the initiator (the person who entered the requisition) two paper copies of the purchase order.  One copy was for the department’s file, and the other was the receiving copy.   The receiving copy, upon receipt of goods/services, was signed by the initiator, indicating the order was received in good order, and returned to Accounts Payable.  The returned receiving copy acted as approval for payment when matched with the invoice.

For the time being, one PDF copy of the purchase order will be emailed to the initiator.  Upon receipt of the goods/services, please email accountspayable@acadiau.ca indicating the date the order was actually received/completed (not the date you are emailing accounts payable), and if it was received in good order.  As well, include the PDF copy of the purchase order.  In the subject line of the email, enter the purchase order number and “received”.  See below for an example:

2. Courier Shipments and Requisitions

Courier shipments are currently being redirected to the Acadia Post Office, which remains open at this time.  This will likely continue until we return to regular operations, which means it impacts how you enter requisitions in Colleague.  Please enter the recipient’s name in the Shipping Name field, and then the address for the Acadia Post Office, as shown below:

Once the package is received, the Post Office will email you to notify you of its arrival.

3. Truck Delivery

Large orders, such as truck deliveries, cannot be received at the Post Office.  They should be addressed to Physical Plant (Stores).  Delivery will need to be coordinated between you, Procurement Services and Physical Plant, in advance of the delivery date.  Please enter Physical Plant Ship to Code in the requisition, as shown below:

The requisition should include the appropriate delivery instructions and contact information.  Please add the following information in the Printed Comments field of the requisition:

Delivery to Physical Plant (Stores) must be pre-arranged and confirmed by contacting:
Cindy Nicholls
Phone: 902-585-1541

We thank you for your co-operation and are available to assist you with your orders.  Please email us at procurement@acadiau.ca.

Post Office

Acadia Post Office is open and operating until further notice. Users are asked to scan and email paperwork instead of using internal mail, when possible. To avoid unnecessary trips to University Hall call 1464 or email postoffice@acadiau.ca and ask if you have anything to pick up from your mailbox. If you go to the Acadia Post Office to pick up items, bring your keys. We want to limit in-person interaction. Follow Canada Post updates on service interruption and safety protocols.