COVID-19 Updates

Health and Safety

Cases on Campus (0)

Updated February 5, 2021

Acadia University will track positive cases of COVID-19 that involve members of our university community present on campus. Upon being notified by public health authorities, the University will post notices of positive COVID-19 cases on this page. This report is a general count on active cases impacting our campus. There is currently no evidence of community spread on our campus.

The following numbers indicate confirmed positive current cases (where the individual was on campus within 7 days of their diagnosis) and closed cases (where 14 days have passed since diagnosis).

  • 0 positive cases (current)
  • 2 closed cases (past)

This dashboard will be updated with current and past cases and we will archive messages sent to campus related to case activity.

Do your part to protect our campus community

All Acadia students, faculty, and staff are reminded to complete a daily COVID-19 assessment (online or paper) checklist before leaving home and to follow any advice the screening provides.

Students will be on campus and will have a COVID-19 Orientation module available in ACORN on their Dashboard. Once you have viewed it, please submit the Student Pledge, which is mandatory for all students to complete.

Everyone is asked to stay up-to-date with Nova Scotia Public Health Restrictions and Guidelines, and to review Potential COVID-19 Exposure notices routinely. Acadia University is located in the Western Zone.

If you feel ill, please do not come to campus and seek medical advice. If you live on-campus, please stay in your residence room. The COVID-19 reporting protocols for students, faculty and staff are available online.

What if someone on campus has tested positive for COVID-19?

First, do not panic. Remember, we are all taking extra health and safety precautions and our facilities have increased daily cleaning protocols to ensure your health and safety. If extra cleaning is necessary, all areas where that individual was present will be thoroughly cleaned before normal operations resume. Contact tracing and notification to close contacts is managed by Nova Scotia Public Health and they will contact directly anyone who would be part of the tracing for each case. If necessary, Acadia might be able to help Public Health with contact tracing, but the University is not responsible for contacting specific individuals considered at risk.

How will Acadia protect the campus community?

When the University is informed by public health authorities of a confirmed positive COVID-19 case on campus, the University collaborates with them in taking all necessary measures. If public health authorities determine there is a health and safety risk on campus due to a positive case of COVID-19, the University will be provided with directives and appropriate steps will be taken.

How will I know what to do?

Any individual deemed at risk has been or will be contacted by public health authorities as will their close contacts. If action is required, the university community will be notified via email or Acadia ALERT.

Remember to always follow public health safety protocols and complete your daily symptom check before coming to campus.

Will we know who has the virus?

The University will adhere to a strict protocol to ensure the identities and privacy of the individuals is duly protected.