COVID-19 Updates

Health and Safety

Outbreak Plans

To help mitigate the impact of any COVID-19 infections within the Acadia University community, we have developed outbreak protocol plans for campus and for residence buildings.

  • Physical Plant Services has created new custodial protocols for advanced cleaning in all campus buildings and residences. Particular attention is devoted to high-touch areas and common use restrooms.
  • The Department of Safety and Security is continually patrolling campus to ensure that our Principles of Defense are being adhered to. In the event of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, Safety and Security will be able to assist Public Health with contact tracing if requested.
  • The University will follow Public Health guidance to reduce the risk to the campus community, and Public Health will communicate directly with people considered a close contact.
  • If immediate action is required, an AcadiaALERT will be sent, or students, faculty, and staff will be emailed directly. Updates will also be posted on the COVID-19 Update page.
  • In the event that a student living in Residence must self-isolate due to a positive diagnosis, the student will be provided with support from Residence Life, Counselling Services, and others. Supplies such as meals, water, hand sanitizer, etc. will be delivered to the student by staff wearing appropriate PPE. The student will be asked to stay in their room at all times and use a designated washroom. Nearby students will be assigned a different washroom and may be moved to an alternate location on campus.