COVID-19 Updates

Student Life

Student services designed to keep you healthy

Your efforts have helped prevent community spread of COVID-19 on campus. This year, we're bringing back as much of the traditional campus experience as we can. We have resumed classroom teaching, residences include double occupancy dorm rooms, and varsity sports are returning.

If the province’s reopening plan is successful and we all do our part to follow safety procedures on campus, we expect additional restrictions will be lifted over the course of the year.

For the most up-to-date information on travelling to Acadia, please visit the Student Life homepage.

Back to Class

  • Classrooms

    Most courses have returned to traditional classroom instruction. Students will be approximately 1 metre apart from each other for physical distancing. Masks are required until provincial policies are relaxed.

  • Other Class and Lab Formats

    Several courses remain online, but most classes are held in person. Some labs may follow a hybrid learning model.

Campus Life

  • Dining, Common Areas, and Campus Stores

    In most shared spaces on campus, you need to wear a non-medical mask and allow 1 metre of physical distance between yourself and others. Masks are not required outdoors when you are adequately distanced from others.

  • Residence Life

    Double rooms are available this year. Chipman House will serve as a residence for those who need to temporarily quarantine or if extra housing capacity is needed.

  • Activities, Events, and Sports

    There are more opportunities to participate in events and club activities as long as appropriate protocols (ex. masks and physical distancing) are adhered to. Acadia’s Athletics Complex continues to reopen additional facilities. Varsity sports have returned, although spectators are still limited to members of the Acadia community who register for tickets in advance. For more information, visit Acadia Athletics, Recreation, and the Acadia Students’ Union.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will students be able to have experiential learning experiences in the community or on campus?

Yes, by following directives and guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

What about programs like SMILE and Active Aging?

We are currently assessing these programs for safety and protocols. More information will be made available in due course.

Are masks required indoors if one-metre distance can be maintained in labs, classrooms, and fieldwork?

Yes, masks are required in all classrooms and indoor common spaces, regardless of physical distancing capabilities. In designated mask-free spaces, or when professors remove their masks to lecture, a 2-metre distancing is required. Please refer to our new mask policy.