EDUC 50G3 S5

Research Literacy

This course focuses on major research paradigms most often used by professional educators. Emphasis will be placed on the development of the practical application of skills required of informed practitioners to participate effectively in problem solving in the work setting. Students will be provided with opportunities to develop a set of abilities that may be used to critically understand and use the dominant language of research. This includes reading, analyzing, engaging in, and writing research.

This paced online course has continuous enrolment throughout the year but with scheduled start and end dates. Students progress through the course as a group and meet date-specific milestones. This section will run from 1 May to 26 Jun 2018 (tbc). Instead of a specific text, students will be provided with various readings, module notes, and websites. Students are encouraged to develop their own portfolios of readings in the area of research and in specific topic areas of personal and professional interest.

Instructor: Heather Stephens
Course Type: Online; Scheduled; register in advance of the term and follow milestones set by the instructor.