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Bridging Program: Trip to Blue Beach

Geology Professor Christa Pufahl took her Bridging Students from Oceanography GEOL 1033 for an immersive trip to Blue Beach to apply their classroom knowledge in the field.   


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Bridging Program: Visit to Open Arms

Sociology Professor Michelle Coleman provided her students with a hands-on volunteer experience at Open Arms shelter.

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The Acadia Co-op Program

You expect the world.  We offer nothing less.  Getting real-world experience in the workplace is important for any soon to be university graduate.  

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Friday Culture Class: Paintball

What a great way to encourage team-building, communication and cooperation...and of course, have lots of fun!  


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Acadia EAP Students

Bridging Program: CHEM 1053 "Chemistry and Our World"

Debunking myths and demonstrating that the chemicals making up our natural world are pervasive and even delicious, for their last class before the final exam in "Chemistry and our world", our Bridging students 

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