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Come and Study at Acadia Next Spring & Summer!

Spring and Summer is a great time to enjoy the Acadia Experience!

With nature in full effect, you can really experience all that our community has to offer in spring and summer here at Acadia! Our EAP and English for Parents/Professional Purposes Students have done a variety of engaging activities this spring and summer including: cooking classes, a workshop with the Acadia Community Farm, participated in the Nova Scotia Learn to Fish Program, a fossil tour of the Bay of Fundy, guided nature walks, softball games and more!

Happy faces from our cooking class & pot luck!

Cooking up a storm!

A guided nature walk with Dr. Soren Bondrup-Neilsen.

We learned a great deal about farming at the Acadia Community farm!

Planting asparagus at the Acadia Community Farm.

We caught one!  (Ok we are going to toss this one back) But we caught one!!

Trying a new technique.

Dr. David Duke shows us the ~300 million year old fossils that are scattered on the Bay of Fundy.  

Walking blue beach with Dr. David Duke

Lots of smiles to spare after our awesome game of pick-up softball!

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