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Life at Acadia: An Interview

Two new friends, Melody and Ayaka, arrived at Acadia last September, and have been studying together in the EAP program. In a few weeks, they will graduate from the EAP program and start taking credit courses.

Q: What made you decide to come to Acadia?

M: Because it is near the ocean. It is a small with not too many Chinese people so I can speak English.

A: Here is good for studying. I wanted to take a music course, and Acadia has a music program. They also have a symphonic band.

Q: Before you came here, what did you think Canada would be like?

M: No air pollution, it would be beautiful. I felt a little afraid. My speaking skills are not very good, so I thought when I go to the airport I would have some problems.

Q: Did you have any problems?

M: No. It was very easy. I just got on my plane, went there, then there, then arrived in Wolfville. It was very convenient.

A: I was nervous about residence because I am the only student from my Japanese university in the residence. I didn’t know much information about the residence. But the RA is so kind to me.

Q: How do you describe Acadia?

A: The buildings are very traditional and beautiful.

M: The campus is very beautiful and very convenient. You have your classes, the SUB, the gym… Everything is so close.

Q: What is the hardest part about life at Acadia?

M: It’s quiet. Not a lot of activities! I study a lot.

Q: Have you joined any activities here?

M: No. But I like to go to the gym to swim. The gym has a nice swimming pool.

A: I played in the symphonic band this year. It was so much fun.

Q: What is some advice you’d give someone who is thinking about coming to study in Nova Scotia?

M: Take more clothes! I have been here since September, and it can be very cold here.

A: I agree. Bring more clothes! Before I came here, my Japanese teacher told me Acadia is so rural. You need to bring more clothes and other stuff.

Q: Have you found it difficult to go shopping here?

M: Not really. It is easy to go shopping in New Minas [a nearby town]. You can find everything there.

Q: What do you like most about life at Acadia?

M: The ocean, and it’s not so hot. The temperature is good.

A: The air is so clear. Life in Residence is good!

Do you recommend residence for other students?

A: Yes. I had a chance to meet a lot of Canadian students. They are so nice.


Acadia EAP program

Melody is 24 years old, and from Xing Jing, China. She plans to study a 4-year degree in Nutrition once she finishes her EAP studies.

Ayaka is 20 years old and from Osaka, Japan. She will return to her home university in Japan at the end of August to continue her studies there.

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