Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Scholarships and Awards

To encourage and recognize high scholastic achievement, Acadia University offers scholarships and awards to incoming students as well as scholarships, prizes, medals and awards to current students.
Incoming students will automatically be considered for entrance scholarships, provided they meet the criteria. 
Current students will automatically be considered for most undergraduate scholarships for which they qualify. Some awards do require an application. We will email any eligible current students, asking if they would like to apply, and will provide the award details.
Students who have been awarded a renewable scholarship may have the award extended up to four years, provided they meet the criteria. We will consider renewal on an individual basis for those students who are graduating from a three-year program and plan to return for a fourth year of undergraduate study.

Acadia Divinity College students are ineligible for funding through these programs and should contact ADC directly with funding inquiries.

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Alden B. Dawson Scholarship

Scholarship | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Biology, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year

The Alden B. Dawson Scholarship. One or two scholarships are awarded annually for advanced study in biology, to a Masters student or to an Honours student. Dr. Alden B. Dawson (B.A. Acadia, 1915; Ph.D. Harvard, 1918; D.Sc. Acadia, 1938) was a distinguished professor of Anatomy and Zoology at Harvard University.

Alexander L. Anderson Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry

The Alexander L. Anderson Bursary. The late Mrs. A. L. Anderson of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, has left to the University an amount sufficient to yield $3800 per year which is to be used to assist students of superior ability in need of help who are majoring in chemistry or biology, preferably, but not necessarily, those who are looking forward to medicine.

Arthur Irving Scholarships in Environmental Science

Scholarship of up to $15,000 | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Entering first year, Graduate

The Arthur Irving Academy Scholarships in Environmental Science at Acadia University are among the most prestigious of university scholarships.

The scholarships provide some of the best students at Acadia University with the financial assistance and research support they need in order to excel in their studies. Furthermore, recipients are part of a mentorship program and are provided with invaluable opportunities in research at the renowned K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre and Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens. The financial assistance component of the scholarship is renewable and is valued at $15,000 per academic year.

Atlantic Society of Fish and Wildlife Biologists Donald G. Dodds Scholarship

Scholarship | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Biology, Current 4th year

The Atlantic Society of Fish and Wildlife Biologists Donald G. Dodds Scholarship is awarded annually on recommendation of the Department of Biology, in conjunction with the Faculty of Science. Preference will be given to graduate students in the Masters of Science program in Biology. If in any year the scholarship cannot be awarded to a graduate student, it can be awarded to an honours student enrolled in Biology and should that not be possible to a graduate student or an honours student enrolled in the Faculty of Science. Candidates should have a demonstrated academic focus on fish and wildlife biology. The scholarship has been funded by the Atlantic Society of Fish and Wildlife Biologists.

Awarded to a student during the admission process or during the academic term on the basis of outstanding academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement or leadership qualities. A minimum average of 80% is required.  For renewable scholarships, students must maintain an 80% (or SGPA of 3.50) in their first year and 85% (or SGPA of 3.67) in their second and subsequent years.
Departmental Awards
At the end of each academic year (after final exams-April) students are automatically considered for scholarship however students should check with their department/school to see whether a separate application is required. 
Granted to a student with demonstrated financial need which is determined by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office. Applicants must also be maintaining satisfactory academic progress in their program of study.
The University has a limited amount of money available each year to be awarded to needy and deserving students in the form of bursaries. The money has been provided by individuals and organizations specifically to provide financial assistance to needy students who are performing satisfactorily in an academic program as full‑time undergraduates. Applications will not be considered unless the applicant is registered as a full‑time undergraduate student. In addition, the applicant must have explored all other possible sources of financial assistance such as parental or other family support, Canada Student Loan, State Loan, Higher Education Loan Plan, etc. Click the Bursary and Loan link located on the left-hand side for more information and access to the application form.
Awarded primarily on the basis of both academic achievement and demonstrated financial need (dependent on Canada or US loans to fund their education).
Awards and Prizes
Awarded based on a wide spectrum of donor determined criteria which may be limited to specific programs or activities.