Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Scholarships and Awards

To encourage and recognize high scholastic achievement, Acadia University offers scholarships and awards to incoming students as well as scholarships, prizes, medals and awards to current students.
Incoming students will automatically be considered for entrance scholarships, provided they meet the criteria. 
Current students will automatically be considered for most undergraduate scholarships for which they qualify. Some awards do require an application. We will email any eligible current students, asking if they would like to apply, and will provide the award details.
Students who have been awarded a renewable scholarship may have the award extended up to four years, provided they meet the criteria. We will consider renewal on an individual basis for those students who are graduating from a three-year program and plan to return for a fourth year of undergraduate study.

Acadia Divinity College students are ineligible for funding through these programs and should contact ADC directly with funding inquiries.

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Karl and Judy Larsen Scholarship

Scholarship | Eligibility: Entering first year

The Karl and Judy Larsen Scholarship was established in 2010 to provide a scholarship for Nova Scotian students entering the business program at Acadia University.

Kathryn Swenson (’63) Entrance Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Entering first year, New Brunswick

Established in 2014 by Kathryn Swenson (’63), the bursary is awarded to an entering full-time undergraduate student from New Brunswick, with a preference for Saint John. The recipient must demonstrate financial need.

From Saint John High School, Kathryn Swenson graduated from Acadia University with a BA (1963), a BEd (1965) and completed her MEd (Counselling) at the University of Maine in Orono. After teaching for a decade, Kathie continued her career in education as a leader in government at the provincial level in Nova Scotia.

Keith L. Mailman Scholarship in Music

Scholarship | Eligibility: Music, Entering first year

The Keith L. Mailman Scholarship in Music is awarded annually to a student from Atlantic Canada entering the first year of undergraduate study in music. The scholarship, made possible by the generosity of Daigle Wholesalers Limited of Port Williams, was established in memory of Keith Mailman, an amateur musician, valued employee and friend, who died tragically in January 1996.

Kenneth A. Killam Scholarship

Scholarship of up to $1,185 | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year

The Kenneth A. Killam Scholarship. A scholarship established by Kenneth A. Killam of Laconia, New Hampshire, is to be awarded annually to a third or fourth year student in the Bachelor of Science program who is specializing in mathematics or physics with the intention of doing graduate work and who is not already receiving a major scholarship. The award will be made to a student of worthy scholastic standing who gives evidence of the necessary character, potential, and motivation for success in the chosen field with preference being given to a candidate from the Province of Nova Scotia. The selection will be made by the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee and the Heads of the Mathematics and Physics Departments.

Kenneth Matheson (’48) Memorial Scholar-Bursary in Math

Scholar-Bursary | Eligibility: Mathematics and Statistics

To be awarded to a full-time entering or returning Acadia student with a major in Mathematics and Statistics. Ken was active in student and academic life at Acadia, and had a passion for debate, student politics and mathematics – in the latter of which he tutored veterans when they returned from the Second World War. Following his time at Acadia, Ken went on to graduate from MIT. This award was established in 2014 by Marjorie Matheson ’48, in memory of her husband.

Kevin Powell Memorial Award

Award | Eligibility: Athletics

The Kevin Powell Memorial Award is awarded annually to a student in the second, third or fourth year of a degree program. This award is designated for a member of the Acadia Axemen Hockey team who demonstrates character, team leadership and motivation, as well as community spirit and involvement. In the event that there are no eligible members of the Acadia Axemen Hockey team, the award may be made to any active varsity athlete. The endowed award was established in 2004 by Joyce and Grant Powell and family in memory of their son Kevin.

Khaki University and YMCA Memorial Scholarship


The Khaki University and YMCA Memorial Scholarship. An endowed scholarship of $280 has been assigned to Acadia University, the income from which is to be given at the discretion of the faculty. The scholarship shall be used for undergraduate purposes.

Killam American Award

Award | Eligibility: International student

The Killam American Award is awarded annually to up to three citizens of the United States who live in residence at Acadia. The award may also be used to assist a Canadian student enrolled at Acadia to attend a university in the United States for one year only. Established in 2001, the award provides support up to a maximum of total residence fees.

Kimberley Ann Nadeau Memorial Bursary

Bursary | Eligibility: Entering first year

The Kimberley Ann Nadeau Memorial Bursary will be awarded annually to a female student with demonstrated financial need entering the Faculty of Science. Preference will be given to a student from Pictou County, NS else from Horton High School. If there are no eligible candidates for science, then consideration is to be given to a female student entering any faculty in the order previously described and failing that, any entering female student from Nova Scotia.

The bursary was established in memory of Kimberley Nadeau (BSC, Acadia, 1994) by her family in 2010. Kim began her education in the Westville, NS school system. Moving with her family she continued her education in Bridgewater, a year in France, finally graduating from Horton High. She was passionate about biology and had a love and admiration for all animals. Having graduated in 1994, she was not able to fulfill her life’s ambition as she courageously fought Hodgkin’s disease but was taken from us in the fall of 1995.

Kirton Scholarship


The Kirton Scholarship was established in grateful memory of Philip Walter Kirton (1909-84) by Dr. J.R.C. Perkin, President, Acadia University (1982-93). The scholarship is awarded annually to a Canadian undergraduate student entering the second or subsequent year of study at Acadia who has demonstrated academic excellence and the potential for leadership.

Kristin Pipe Memorial Award

Award | Eligibility: Athletics

The Kristin Pipe Memorial Award is awarded annually on recommendation of the Director of Varsity Athletics and the Varsity Football Coach to a second or subsequent year Acadia varsity football player. The recipient should be committed to excellence both as a student and athlete while demonstrating exemplary leadership and dedication both on and off the field. The recipient will demonstrate similar characteristics to which made Kristin Pipe so special. The award is in memory of Kristin Pipe (BBA Acadia, 2003) who attended Acadia University from 1999 until 2004 and played quarterback. Kristin always put the team first and demonstrated outstanding leadership. He was a true champion and positive role model, who fought a private, personal health battle while at Acadia before passing away shortly thereafter in 2005 at the age of 26.

Awarded to a student during the admission process or during the academic term on the basis of outstanding academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement or leadership qualities. A minimum average of 80% is required.  For renewable scholarships, students must maintain an 80% (or SGPA of 3.50) in their first year and 85% (or SGPA of 3.67) in their second and subsequent years.
Departmental Awards
At the end of each academic year (after final exams-April) students are automatically considered for scholarship however students should check with their department/school to see whether a separate application is required. 
Granted to a student with demonstrated financial need which is determined by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office. Applicants must also be maintaining satisfactory academic progress in their program of study.
The University has a limited amount of money available each year to be awarded to needy and deserving students in the form of bursaries. The money has been provided by individuals and organizations specifically to provide financial assistance to needy students who are performing satisfactorily in an academic program as full‑time undergraduates. Applications will not be considered unless the applicant is registered as a full‑time undergraduate student. In addition, the applicant must have explored all other possible sources of financial assistance such as parental or other family support, Canada Student Loan, State Loan, Higher Education Loan Plan, etc. Click the Bursary and Loan link located on the left-hand side for more information and access to the application form.
Awarded primarily on the basis of both academic achievement and demonstrated financial need (dependent on Canada or US loans to fund their education).
Awards and Prizes
Awarded based on a wide spectrum of donor determined criteria which may be limited to specific programs or activities.