Acadia Awards Terms & Conditions

You must register full-time each academic year at Acadia (September to April) in a full course load of 30 credit hours. Your Dean or Director must grant special permission for a reduced course load of less than 24 credit hours.

Renewable Scholarships – Conditions of Renewability

In addition to the above course load requirement, you must also follow the academic criteria below to have the scholarship/award renewed annually.

Scholarship/Award Name

Academic Criteria


Acadia Renewable Entrance Scholarship/Renewal Residence Scholarship

and/or Renewable Scholar-Bursary

Maintain a minimum average of 80% (or sessional GPA of 3.50) in year one and 85% (or sessional GPA of 3.67 or Dean’s List standing) in year two and subsequent years.


Harrison McCain Scholar-Bursary

Maintain a minimum average of 60% in year one, 70% in year two, and 75% in years three and four.


Roland and Leona Mullen Entrance Awards

Maintain a minimum average of 70% each academic year.


Roland and Leona Mullen Business Award

Register each year in the BBA or BA Economics program. Maintain a minimum average of 65% in year one and 70% in year two and subsequent years.


The Rotary Club of Wolfville-

Acadia University Award

Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50 after year one, 2.75 after year two and 3.0 after year three.


The Tantramar Scholarship/AIL Acadia Scholarship

Maintain a minimum average of 80% each year.

The Scotiabank Studentship

Maintain a minimum average of 70% each year.

The Spicer-Hennessey Scholar-Bursary

Maintain a minimum average of 80% each year.

The MacNeill Scholar-Bursary

Maintain a minimum average of 80% each year.


Disbursement of funds

Scholarship, Award, and Bursary funds will be credited to your university account in two installments – September and January. You can request a cheque from the Office of Student Accounts if you have a credit on your account.

Renewable scholarships are available for up to four years or until you graduate with your first undergraduate degree, whichever comes first.

If you withdraw from Acadia, we will adjust your account in accordance with Acadia’s Cancellation and Withdrawal policy as outlined in the Acadia University Academic Calendar.


Appeal Process

If you fail to meet the above conditions for renewability, we will notify you in the early summer. You may appeal by making a request in writing to Pam D’Entremont (, Secretary of the Scholarships, Prizes and Awards Committee, to have your scholarship renewed. In considering your appeal, the Scholarships, Prizes, and Awards Committee will review your academic record and consider medical or other substantive reasons that you submit.   

Deferral of Scholarship

Students may choose to take a gap year to work, volunteer, or travel. The Scholarship, Prize and Awards Committee of Senate allows students to defer their scholarship for up to one full academic year as long as the student does not participate in any further post-secondary education. Students who choose to defer must notify the Admissions office once they decide to attend or return to full-time study.

Scholarships for Returning Students

Undergraduate scholarships awarded to students already in attendance do not normally require application as those eligible are automatically considered. There are a few exceptions and these are publicized through the ALL-Student email distribution, in a call for applications from qualified students. Most in-course scholarships are awarded annually, but a few are renewable for one or more years. The letter of notification will elaborate all conditions of the award. Students should check with their department/school to see whether a separate application is required for any departmental awards.

Entering Certificate/Bachelor of Applied Science Program Students
If a student has a renewable scholarship at Acadia, then Dalhousie University will guarantee the renewable portion of any further scholarships up to $5000 in their first year at Dal, provided:

  • They have a GPA of 3.85 or higher in their engineering program, and
  • They meet all the renewable scholarship requirements set by Acadia

The scholarship guarantee is filled by Dalhousie scholarships, and is not an additional award. Depending on academic performance, students may earn scholarships exceeding $5000.

Scholarship Students on Co-op

While a student is on a fall and/or winter term Co-op work placement, they can hold their Acadia University awards. For renewable awards, the Scholarships & Financial Assistance Office will work with the Co-op Office to determine eligibility for renewal taking into consideration the grade for the Co-op work term.  Renewable awards are only available for up to four years or until the student graduates whichever comes first, as per the University awards terms and conditions.

Scholarship Students on Study Abroad

If a student is on direct exchange, with fees payable to Acadia, in course and renewable entrance scholarship funds are credited to their university student account at Acadia in the usual manner-half in September and half in January. When the transcript is received from the University abroad, it is assessed and determined if the student has met the academic requirement to renew the scholarship.