Academic Advising at Acadia

Academic advisors can help you choose programs and courses that suit your educational needs and career objectives. Here you can quickly locate your advisor and book an appointment.


Why Should I see an Academic Advisor?

Acadia students are required to see an academic advisor each year before registering online. This keeps you on track to have the all the courses you need to graduate. Often students change majors, minors and sometimes programs; good academic advising helps you do this.

How do I find my Academic Advisor?

Call your department head or departmental secretary. If you are majoring in English, you call or email the Head of English; if you are majoring in Math, call or email the Head of Math.

What do I do if I want to change departments?

Call the head of the department to which you would like to move.

What are the benefits of academic advising?

For more information about the benefits of academic advising click here.

Contact Academic Advising

Meaghan Mousseau
Student Advisor, Student Services
Rhodes Hall, Room 104