Acadia Performing Arts Series: collectif9 + Architek Percussion

October 13, 2018 (7:30 pm)

My Backyard, Somewhere


For the first time, collectif9 and Architek Percussion come together to present a special collaboration and multimedia experience of music for amplified strings and percussion, video, and words. My Backyard, Somewhere is a reflection of our malleable sense of belonging in a vast country, exploring boundaries, location, and sense of belonging of people: our displaced sense of home, travelling to and from places that have home-like meaning to us, and the elements of communication (interpretation and misinterpretation) between people and places.

The poem (in French and English) commissioned from Montreal's Kaie Kellough is the central and integrating element bringing the themes of the evening to the forefront - the sea, movement, language, belonging to a place, a culture - and is a poetic “migration” through words and places. The music is a journey through the styles of five multidisciplinary and multi-genre composers from across Canada. Whether with lyricism, groove, exploratory textures, or pop culture technologies, the voices of the composers communicate with each other, with the performers, and with the audience throughout the concert experience.

Words by Kaie Kellough. Music by Derek Charke, Luna Pearl Woolf, Bret Higgins, Eliot Britton, and Nicole Lizée. Lighting and scenography by Martin Sirois. With video by Nicole Lizée.

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