Emancipation Day

August 1, 2022

A time to learn, reflect, and engage

This Monday, August 1, will mark Canada's second official Emancipation Day. All are invited to learn, reflect, and engage in the ongoing fight against anti-Black racism and discrimination. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the strength and resilience of Black communities in Canada.

The Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia explains that Emancipation Day is the day the Slavery Abolition Act became law in the British Empire (including Canada) and ended the practice of slavery for millions of African People and their descendants around the world. The Act became law on August 1, 1834, marking the first Emancipation Day.

Emancipation Day is important because it allows all Canadians to acknowledge and hold open discussions about our shared history of the enslavement of people of African ancestry here in Canada.

Everyone can and is encouraged to recognize Emancipation Day as it is a part of our shared history. Visit the Emancipation Day Nova Scotia website for a list of programs and events across Nova Scotia.

Source: The Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia

Attend Nova Scotia's live-stream Emancipation Day event

On Monday, August 1, 2022, all are invited to attend Nova Scotia's Emancipation Day event. It is being live-streamed on YouTube at 10 a.m.

Watch on YouTube.

More events

Attend virtual and in-person Emancipation Day events in Nova Scotia. Details are available online at Emancipation Day Nova Scotia.

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