Flu vaccination clinic

November 1, 2021 (9:30 am)

Location: Fountain Learning Commons - Great Room (second floor)

In collaboration with Lawton's in New Minas, we are offering a flu shot vaccination clinic on Monday, November 1, from 9:30am to 1:40pm and 2:40pm to 6:50pm.

  • Book online. Please ensure you move the calendar to November 1. If online booking does not work, drop-in appointments may be available.

  • This clinic is available only to campus members (Acadia students/faculty/staff) and an Acadia ID card is required. There will be a clinic available for Acadia family members later this month.

Nova Scotia Residents
Please bring your Nova Scotia Health Card to direct bill (no charge to the student).

International Students
Please bring your ASU International Student Health Card to direct bill (no charge to the student).

Anyone from another Canadian Province
Please provide your Acadia Student ID number and Acadia will charge your student account. Alternatively, please pay $12.55 at registration (minimal change available). There will be no debit or credit option available. Please bring your Provincial Health Card number also, so a receipt can be provided. The receipt will be available for pick up at Lawton’s Pharmacy in New Minas.

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