Greenhouse Music: New Hermitage and Bonsai

July 18, 2017 (7:00 pm - 9:00 pm)

Location: KC Irving Centre Conservatory

This event is an opportunity to hear some adventurously beautiful sounds while immersed in the carefully cultivated botanical environment of the KCIC greenhouse.

New Hermitage arose from an imagined future in which dangerously high levels of toxicity have rendered the cities of the world uninhabitable, causing the remaining humans to live in the sparse wilderness that remains. A few people returning to the cities, new hermits, armed with patience and tenderness, work with nature to restore our planet. A collection of compositions, improvisations, and pre-recorded sound, New Hermitage aims to find the beauty of the environmental timbres that surround us in every waking moment. Andrew MacKelvie, saxophone; Ellen Gibling, harp; India Gailey, cello; and Ross Burns, guitar.

Bonsai is Ken Shorley, percussion, and India Gailey, cello. Drawing from a variety of influences including Middle Eastern, Indian, and classical musics, the duo blends ancient and contemporary styles, performing both traditional and original compositions with improvisatory groove.

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