Nutrition and Dietetics seminars

February 6, 2018

Location: KCIC Auditorium, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The NUTR 4903 class, Senior Seminar, welcomes you to attend their upcoming student research presentations! This class takes place every Tuesday evening during the term, with different topics each class. 


Sarah Comerford - The possible influence of food addiction on the prevalence of obesity  Victoria Lanthier - Evaluating the effects of international nutrition initiatives on child nutritional status in developing countries Jillian O'Connor -  The manifestation of disordered eating as a result of appetite

suppressing ADHD medication.  Panel Presentation: Four seminar students will present different topics within a central theme. 

Tonight's panel will explore intersections of nutrition and social media, including: Margaret Gnemmi - Affecting relationships with food: Fad diets as a gateway to disordered eating Haley Waller - Social media Apps and the impact on consumer’s eating behaviours  Alice McCain - Food blogging: A help or hindrance to evidence-based practice in dietetics? Michelle Porter - #RD: Enhancing dietitian’s influence through the use of social media


Class time is Tuesday, February 6th, 7-10 in the KCIC auditorium

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