Nutrition and Dietetics seminars

February 27, 2018

Location: KCIC Auditorium

The NUTR 4903 class, Senior Seminar, welcomes you to attend their upcoming student research presentations! This class takes place every Tuesday evening during the term, with different topics each class. 


Kyle MacDonald - Exploring the potential role of ketone supplementation in the treatment of concussions in 

contact sport athletes 
Maddie MacLean - Resilience education and the potential impacts on stress experienced by dietetic 

undergraduate students.
Hailey Langille - Evaluating the need for, and best practices of, nutrition education in Nova Scotia high schools 
Amber Whittemore - Psychobiotics and their neural effects on antidepressant and anxiolytic activity via the

gut-brain axis 
Wenjun Liu - Effects of green tea consumption on the development of aging-associated diseases among the elderly
Hilary Harker - Balancing the scales: Investigating nutrition therapies that promote weight management for

older adult cancer patients


Class time is Tuesday, February 27th, 7:00 in the KCIC auditorium


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