Nutrition and Dietetics Seminars

February 11, 2020

Location: Patterson 107

Senior Seminar (NUTR 4903) is the capstone course for the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition in the School of Nutrition and Dietetics. Students engage in independent research projects on a topic of their choice related to food, nutrition, and/or dietetics. The course is a celebration of learning, drawing on courses taken throughout the degree. Campus and community members are most welcome.

Presentations for Tuesday, February 11 from 7 to 10 p.m. in Patterson 107.

Brette Macey & Heather Strother - 3D Pureed Food Printing; Role in Reducing Malnutrition Rates in People Living with Dysphagia

Haley Jenkins - Too Much Food for Thought? Nutrition Transition and the Global Obesity Epidemic

Rachel Gates Flaherty - Competitive Eating: How It Works and Associated Health Effects

Lyndsay Lang - Breakfast Programs Effects on Academic Performance in Low Income School Aged Children

Maggie Lafortune - Best Practices for Nutrition Education in Elementary Schools

Taylor McDowell - Thickened Ice Cream Recipe for use in LTC Facilities

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