Nutrition and Dietetics Seminars

March 3, 2020

Location: KCIC Auditorium

Senior Seminar (NUTR 4903) is the capstone course for the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition in the School of Nutrition and Dietetics. Students engage in independent research projects on a topic of their choice related to food, nutrition, and/or dietetics. The course is a celebration of learning, drawing on courses taken throughout the degree. Campus and community members are most welcome.

Presentations for Tuesday, March 3 from 7 to 10 p.m. in KCIC Auditorium..

Jenn McIntosh- Eating for Two: An Examination of Prenatal Nutrition Education

Ben Brown- What Nutrition Support is Available to Athletes at Small Canadian Universities and is it Useful?

Robin McLennan- Wounds 101: The Role of a Dietitian in Pressure Injury Treatment in Long Term Care

Rachael Powell- Family Ties: The Maternal and Infant life-cycle of the “Double Burden” of Malnutrition

Emily Finlay- The Corporate Determinants of Health: The Role of Big Food in the Food System

Kim Parsons- Standardized Care Protocol VS. The ‘Whole’ Person. The Way Patients Are Being Treated In Hospitalized Settings

Blaine Saulnier- The History of Nutrition Education and Home Economics in Nova Scotia’s Middle and High Schools

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