PAS #4 - Jeremy Dutcher

December 7, 2019

Location: Convocation Hall

A member of the Tobique First Nation, Jeremy Dutcher is a classically-trained operatic tenor, pianist and composer whose music shape-shifts between classical, modern and traditional to create something entirely new, yet anchored in the souls of his ancestors. For his debut recording, Dutcher painstakingly transcribed original 1907 wax cylinders recordings of ancestral voices singing forgotten songs and stories from his community. Long days at the archives turned into long nights at the piano, deep in dialogue with the voices of his ancestors. The result : sublime melodies swelling from the delicate to the majestic, “cascading through a vibrant range of emotions”. This album, entitled Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, won Dutcher the Polaris Prize, crowning what is arguably the best record released in Canada in 2018.

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