Acadia Class of 2019: Sara Baxter

With Convocation approaching, we talked to students from the class of 2019 about their experience at Acadia

Sara Baxter, Business, Class of 2019

Why did you decide to study at Acadia?

I was originally interested in Acadia University because of the varsity women’s rugby team, but academics are important to me so I didn’t want to make my decision on athletics alone. I came out to tour Acadia and to learn more about the business school and instantly fell in love the moment I stepped on campus. Acadia has such a feel of family and community, and I knew that this was a place I would be welcomed. I only applied to Acadia because I was so confident in my decision to come here.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your “first-year of university” self?

Live in the moment and go to all of your classes! Your time in Wolfville will fly by, and you will regret not getting involved sooner with organizations you're passionate about. Be willing to go and try something new even if your friends don’t want to go with you. And always go to your classes, even the 8:30s that are just a repeat of a class you took in high school, you will do significantly better if the professor knows your name!

 What was something surprising or unexpected that you learned during your time as a student here?

I was surprised by how many learning opportunities exist outside of the classroom. I had the opportunity to study abroad in my third year, and I learned more interacting with my peers and learning about their diverse cultures than I ever did in a classroom (not that I didn’t learn in classes too!). My extracurriculars gave me opportunities to gain hands-on experience in team management, event planning, start social enterprises and so much more, all before competing my degree.

 What is the most memorable moment you experienced at Acadia?

I can’t choose one most memorable moment from my time at Acadia. I have been here for 5 years at this point, and there are too many highlights to select just one. I have been so fortunate to have experienced so many incredible moments during my time here. I was a member of the AUS rugby championship team in 2015, helped Enactus Acadia achieve their best performance at Atlantic Regionals in 2019 and helped organize so many events that I have been so proud of. Even with all of these highlights, my most memorable moments would be the times I’ve gotten coffee with friends at Just Us, traveling to Japan with my classmates and meeting all of the incredible people I have crossed paths with in Wolfville.

 Do you have any advice for future Acadia students?

Get involved! Acadia is special because of all of the opportunities to grow and learn outside of the classroom. Try something new and use your undergraduate experience to explore future opportunities.  The people at Acadia want you to succeed, but they can only help you if they know who you are and what you’re interested in. There are so many opportunities at a small school like Acadia, so take advantage of them and customize your undergraduate experience.

 What are your plans post-graduation?

In the fall I am moving to Kingston, Ontario to join the faculty of law at Queens University. I have plans to special in corporate tax law, and would love to gain international legal experience. I plan to continue to play rugby (although this time it will be club and not varsity) and I hope to get involved in student leadership and legal volunteer work at Queens.


Best of luck in your future endeavours, Sara. Congratulations! 


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