Acadia faculty and students awarded SSHRC grants

On Wednesday, July 17, three Acadia faculty members were announced as recipients of the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grants. The SSHRC aims to support the best researchers and fund work in various disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields, as well as to provide funding for students conducting research at the graduate level.  

Acadia’s 2019-2020 SSHRC award recipients:

Dr. Janice Best, Professor emerita in the Department of Languages and Literatureshas been awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant of $82,255 over five years. The focus of Dr. Best’s project is on theatrical representations of Napoleon Bonaparte during France’s Second Empire.

Dr. Sarah Rudrum, Assistant Professor in Sociology, has been awarded a SSHRC Insight Development Grant of $55,350 over two years. The goal of Dr. Rudrum’s study is to better understand the current state of midwifery in rural Nova Scotia.

Dr. Jennifer Tinkham, Assistant Professor in the School of Education, is a co-applicant on the award of a large, multi-institutionalseven-year SSHRC Partnership Grant (2019-2026; $2,500,000 in SSHRC funding), The project explores different approaches to identifying gaps and creating knowledge in relation to school curriculum and resources, pedagogy and teacher education.

Acadia’s Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Anna Redden, says these grants provide excellent research opportunities for faculty and students.

“The SSHRC grants are critically important to Acadia in sustaining and further building research capacity and reputation, and in providing targeted funding to support ground-breaking, world-class research activities conducted by Acadia faculty,” says Dr. Redden.

This year, Acadia Master’s students, Laura Fisher (MA, Sociology) and Abigail Howard-Gosse (MSc. Psychology) were awarded scholarships to fund their research under the SSHRC CGS Master’s category. The awards are valued at $17,500 for one year.

“The faculty grants and student scholarships support the development of both experience and confidence in Honours and Graduate students at Acadia,” Dr. Redden says. “The impact on the future careers of these students is significant, with long-term benefits extending nationwide and beyond.”


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For information on how to apply for these grants as a student, visit this site.

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