Acadia Hosts Robot Programming Competition and Displays

Everyone is invited to attend the Acadia Robot Programming Competition and Displays at the Acadia Athletics Complex on Saturday, January 30 from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m..

43 teams from across Nova Scotia will compete to see which team can best program their robot to meet the challenges. 

FIRST LEGO League (FLL - Junior High) teams will need to program their robot to go to specific places, avoid knocking down sensor walls, using a robot vehicle they have designed that can deliver passengers safely to specific destinations.  As 25% of their drive towards championship, they also must present a research paper on how to improve one way that things move in their community. 

The high school students (HRC) must program their robot to travel a maze, identify and move large objects, and do line tracking that allows the robot to recognize places and travel to as many different places as possible within a four minute period.

The auxiliary gym will feature a LEGO play area and a Great Ball Contraption display (also known as a Rube Goldberg Machine) will be presented by the Nova LUG group.  Contestant entries for the 2010 T-shirt design contest will be exhibited in the same area.

Over 80 Acadia and community volunteers will act as referees and judges for the teams.

The event is hosted by the Jodrey School of Computer Science, and sponsored by Acadia University, NSCC, Michelin, RIM, EastLink, AVR, Magic 94.9, NSBI, Skills Canada and Labour and Workforce Development.


Karen Wilder

Acadia University

Director, Robot Programming Competitions

(902) 585 1105 

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