Acadia's solar eclipse interactive livestream attracts hundreds of star gazers

Dr. Peter Williams of Acadia Physics recently pointed the telescope atop Acadia's Huggins Science Hall Observatory to the sky to capture the near-total solar eclipse on April 8th. The telescope was fitted with a special filter allowing for safe viewing of the phenomenon. Dr. Williams then started an interactive livestream where he answered dozens of (mostly!) science-related questions from those who logged on to catch the show.

At its peak, more than 700 people had joined the livestream, including folks from outside of Nova Scotia and Canada.

"It was so exciting to share the wonder of the eclipse with so many people!" said Dr. Williams. "Thanks to everybody who attended and for the questions - they were very stimulating.”

A recording of the solar eclipse livestream from Acadia's Observatory is available for a limited time for those who missed the show or want to rewatch it.

Only have a minute to spare? Here's the a 1-minute timelapse video of the solar eclipse from the telescope, as it appeared over Acadia:  

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