Acadia Students Go Face-to-Face with Facebook Executive

Acadia University students will get a chance to get up close and personal with a leading social media executive Alfredo Tan during a presentation on Thursday, March 17.

A senior director of Facebook, Tan will be talking to students about the ways social media influences our lives and our businesses. His presentation is being hosted by Acadia’s Fred C. Manning School of Business.

“With students being such heavy adopters of social media and with recent world events tied to the use of social media, we are delighted to have a leader from the social media industry offer insights into the how social media is changing the world and to challenge students to consider what this means for business generally and specifically,” says Ian Hutchinson, acting director of the Manning School.

He adds that Tan’s perspective will provide an ideal opportunity for students to connect theory from the classroom to its real world applications.

“We know there is no better referral of your product, brand or organization than one that comes from a friend or someone you trust,” says Tan. “The ability to use word of mouth marketing at scale is being leveraged by companies across the planet and has truly changed the marketing and business landscape forever.”

Tan agreed to visit campus after being interviewed for the Acadia International Executive Insight Series. The series is a web-based video database containing interviews of business, industry and government leaders from around the globe, offering their expert insights into today's most pressing issues for managers.

One such issue is how to best market to consumers.

 “We are in a period of unprecedented change on how we discover and consume information,” explains Tan. “The movement towards authenticity, connecting and more sharing will only continue at a rapid rate. It will impact every industry in profound and powerful ways that will create awesome opportunities for those that embrace this new reality.”

Acadia business students will also have an opportunity to meet informally with Tan at a luncheon and career mentoring session.

The public is welcome to attend the presentation in the KC Irving Environmental Science Centre at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 17.



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