Acadia master's students join Bay of Fundy conservation expedition

"Acadia University masters students Kristine Hanifen and Jessie Wilson at their post on the Polar Prince where they will be counting seabirds." Image by Aaron Beswick of Saltwire.
Hanifen and Wilson at their post on the bridge of the Polar Prince. Image by Aaron Beswick for Saltwire.

Acadia students Jessie Wilson and Kristine Hanifen are joining indigenous peoples, artists, fishermen, musicians, and marine industry representatives aboard former coast guard icebreaker CCGS Sir Humphrey Gilbert for Ocean Conservation Expedition 2022, centered on the Bay of Fundy. Wilson and Hanifen will identify, catalog, and count seabirds for the Eastern Canada Seabirds at Sea survey.

Learn more about this interesting voyage on Saltwire.

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