Acadia University Supports its Bahamian Students Through New Fund

Hurricane Dorian served a devastating blow to the Bahamas when it struck the Caribbean country Labour Day weekend. For decades, students from the Bahamas have been coming to Acadia and the University has a strong and well-established alumni presence in the country. Currently, 145 students from the Bahamas are registered at Acadia for the 2019-20 academic year and there is concern campus-wide for these students and their families.

“It is hard to describe how deeply we are all worried for our students from the Bahamas and the well-being of their families,” said Acadia President Dr. Peter Ricketts. “Watching news coverage of the extensive damage caused by Dorian has made it clear that the Bahamas, particularly the islands of Grand Bahama and Abacos, will be a long time recovering from this disaster. We are hopeful that families of our students are safe and all of us extend our thoughts and prayers to them.”

“It is a result of this concern and our knowledge that the future will be uncertain for a number of our Bahamian students, that we have established the Bahamian Student Relief Fund at Acadia,” continued Ricketts. “This fund will be available to support students from the Bahamas, with a particular focus on those from Grand Bahama and Abacos, on a case-by-case basis. We are also inviting members of our alumni and broader community to contribute to this fund as a direct way to help our students who have been affected by Dorian. We have met with our Bahamian students to explain the fund and have been impressed with their resilience and their commitment to continuing their studies, but we know it will not be easy for many of them.”

Contributions can be made through Acadia’s Bahamian Student Relief Fund. For any students or their families who want to find out more information about the Fund, contact Moira Crowell at

For anyone who would like to make a contribution to the broader relief effort underway, we encourage you to find out more from the Canadian Red Cross or UNICEF Canada.


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