Aditi Sharma profiles student life for Maclean's

Computer Science student Aditi Sharma shared some of her favourite things about Acadia and the Town of Wolfville, as well as their oddities, with Maclean's as part of the magazine's student life profile series.

"It is very much a student town."

The reasons why Aditi chose Acadia will be familiar to many: the small, scenic town of Wolfville, and the way Acadia is tied into it. "A lot of people in Wolfville are associated with Acadia in some way, which really helps students feel as though they are a part of the community."

She also shares her regard for the support offered by Acadia's faculty. "I’ve also really appreciated the way my professors adjusted to teaching during COVID, finding ways to keep things interactive and helping students stay focused...I have found that when I email them or drop by during office hours, they listen and try their best to help me."

Read the full story at Maclean's.

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