Alexis Mackey: Acadia Alumna talks about her new role as International Education Program Officer

Alexis and Dr. Peter Ricketts at Convocation in May

Acadia alumna, Alexis Victoria Mackey, (’19) is excited to connect with Acadia students in her new position as International Education Program Officer Intern for the 2019-2020 academic year at the Wong International Centre.

Alexis is a Chemistry and Environmental Science graduate. She first heard about this position while volunteering at the centre as a student, and in her last year, she was encouraged to apply by some of her friends. Alexis believes this is a great opportunity to help new Acadia students adapt to life on campus.

She says she was initially attracted to this job because it’s a position that allows for her voice to be heard and possibly have an impact on students’ experiences at Acadia. She says she knows there are many roles she’ll have to fulfill while on the job, but for now, Alexis oversees coordinating orientation week for over 150 international students arriving in the Fall. She’s confident she’ll be able to use her experience to relate to new students.

Alexis mentioned, “I was attracted to this position because I was a student, and I know what it takes to be one. I have lived that frustrated, confused yet purposeful roller coaster ride, and now I believe I have something to offer to students.”

Alexis’s job requires her to plan exciting initiatives and activities for students throughout the year and to be open to supporting students in the way they need to.

“My biggest goal is to not get trapped into doing the same thing because it is comfortable. I want to be able to leave something, that other students can carry on once my position is finished,” she says.

She adds that another important goal for her is to see a stronger bond formed on campus between international and domestic students. The Wong Centre has a new Ambassador’s Mentorship Program that pairs first year students with upper year students. She mentioned that this is a great way to get international and domestic student connected, and she is excited to see that flourish!

“The most important thing students need to know about the Wong Centre is that we are the heart of diversity on campus, and we are all about support, social inclusion and community,” she says. “I want them to know that at the Wong Centre we are focused on breaking cultural barriers to connect students from all over the world. We want the things they have done or seen, and the people they have met to be the lifelong gift they get to keep beyond their years at Acadia.”

Alexis is happy to extend an invitation to all students to stop by her office if they ever need advice or information regarding student life on and off campus.

If you have any questions for Alexis, you can reach her at 

Learn more about international students’ orientation week and the Wong Centre here. 



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