Art Gallery Presents Tidelines - an Integrated Presentation

Tidelines, conceptualized by photographer Dick Groot, is an integrated presentation of music, poetry, and photography inspired by the tidal landscape of Minas Basin. The central component of the exhibition is a large mobile with 32 suspended photographs, from Dick Groot's Tidescape series, a project in a continuing state of becoming.

The emotion engendered by the tidal landscape is reflected in recorded poetry and music integrated into a soundscape designed specifically for this exhibition by composer Derek Charke. The poetry is by Dutch poet Onno Kosters with the work of the late John Frederick Herbin. Michael Bawtree and Paula Rockwell with voice students Kyla Cook, Rosanna Harris, Haley Watson read the poetry, recorded by Carl Anderson with Stephen Naylor as Sound Installation consultant.

The audience experiences the photographs, poetry and soundscape simultaneously. As they are walking through the mobile to the view the photography, the whole structure moves suggesting the motion of the tides.

The exhibition will be view on from September 10 - October 22, 2010. An artist roundtable with Dick Groot, Derek Charke and Onno Kosters will be held on October 2, 2pm.

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