Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment Awarded Grant

The Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment was recently awarded a $120,000 grant from the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment EcoNova Scotia Fund for Clean Air and Climate Change.

The funding is to support the development of a Community Emissions Challenge program, which is intended to assist individuals and communities across Nova Scotia address the challenge of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. The program features an online personal emissions calculator, website and community awareness program involving local education and engagement activities.

"Understanding and measuring the impacts of our actions are key elements in making changes that will lower our emissions," said Dr. Edith Callaghan, Director of the Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment. "The Community Emissions Challenge program will give people and communities more information about energy consumption and its impacts, and useful tools which will help reduce emissions."

The two year program is being developed in partnership with the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, the Nova Scotia Climate Directorate, and Nova Scotia Power Inc. It will be managed by Jodie Noiles, Sustainability Projects Coordinator at the Academy, in collaboration with a management team of representatives from each partner organization, each with a unique role to play in development and implementation.

"Addressing climate change is a complex issue, requiring the involvement of many stakeholders" said Ms. Noiles. "Working with our partners, we will engage residents and communities in a friendly competition which we hope will serve as an incentive to participation and emissions reductions".

Program development is already underway and the calculator, website and community awareness campaign launch is planned for September 2010. 

The projects supported by EcoNova Scotia will further the provincial goal of reducing greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions as spelled out by the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act and the Climate Change Action Plan. They will also help Nova Scotia be recognized as a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy technology

The Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment is a centre of interdisciplinary scholarship, education and advocacy on environmental issues at Acadia University. Its mission is to serve and to lead in scholarship and education on environmental issues, inspiring and enabling people and communities to practice and pursue sustainability at Acadia and beyond.


For More Information, Contact:

Jodie Noiles
Sustainability Projects Coordinator
Arthur Irving Academy for the Environment
Acadia University
P: 902-585-1932 

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