Acadia Class of 2019: Katie Winters

With Convocation approaching, we talked to students from the Class of 2019 about their experience at Acadia

Photo by Zack Goldsmith

Katie Winters, Sociology and History

Why did you decide to study at Acadia? 

I knew probably since I was about 14 that I really wanted to go to Acadia. I applied early admission and was accepted and the rest is history. One of the reasons I was attracted to Acadia was because I am from Spryfield, Nova Scotia and Wolfville was only about an hour away from my home. I would be close enough to visit my friends and family but still far enough away to experience living on my own. I took Sociology and History, so the small class size that Acadia offers really drew me in because interacting with professors and peers is very important in an undergraduate education. On top of that, Wolfville really does give off its own unique vibe that simply cannot be compared to other towns and schools. It felt like home.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your “First-year of university” self? 
It's a lot easier said than done, but just say yes. Say yes to things that make you a little bit nervous. Say yes to things that you've always wanted to do but weren't quite sure of. Join a dance class, take that seemingly weird but interesting elective, be the mascot (I did and I have some great stories), get involved in clubs and societies that you know very little about, go to public talks, talk to other people who don't look like you, and just say yes to experiences. However, make sure you don't burnout by doing too much, as balance is very important in life. Getting involved in different spheres around Acadia is the best thing I could ever do for both my personal and professional development and I wish I did not wait until my 2nd year to dive in. I would also recommend using the library resources to the fullest extent. If you cannot afford a textbook, it's likely the professor can put it on reserve, or the librarians can transfer it from another school. The librarians can help with research for papers and The Writing Centre can help you with papers, they are there to help you and I have had great experiences with them! 

What will you miss the most about Acadia? 

Acadia has given me so much, it's hard to narrow it down. However, I will most definitely miss the people the most. I have met so many amazing professors, faculty and staff, teammates, friendly local Wolfville residents, classmates, and peers. I have learned from so many different perspectives on how to approach challenges and navigate life through meeting different people here. There is such a wide variety of personalities and perspectives at Acadia and in Wolfville. Acadia and Wolfville have very special places in my heart and I will carry them with me wherever I go. 

What is the most memorable moment you experienced at Acadia? 
Not so much a moment, but attending the International Banquet was one of the most memorable experiences for me at Acadia. I think Canadian students should be more open to exploring the cultures of their international peers and the banquet is the perfect place to do it. I only attended the banquet in my fourth year at Acadia and I so badly wish I had done so sooner. It is the hidden gem of Acadia! It was amazing to eat different food, see different talent, and talk to new people. I think the International Banquet really embodies the Acadia spirit and I will remember how great it was for a long time to come. 

Do you have any advice for future Acadia students?  

I know this has been said time and time again,but enjoy your time here as much as you can because it will be over in the blink of an eye. It sounds cheesy but it really does feel like yesterday that I was driving with my mom and a carload full of stuff for my dorm, super nervous that I wouldn't make any new friends. I had such an amazing four years at Acadia and I can't believe that it's coming to end. Bask in every moment because it'll be gone before you know it. 

What are your plans post-graduation? 

In the fall, I will be attending the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto to pursue my Master of Teaching degree. 

Congratulations Katie! 

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