Lifesaving Society Honours Acadia Employee

Lifesaving Society's Hylda Tucker thanks Peter O'Brien.
Lifesaving Society's Hylda Tucker thanks Peter O'Brien.

The Commonwealth Honorary Life Member Award is one of the Lifesaving Society's highest volunteer awards, and is reserved to those members who have served the society, and all Nova Scotians, in many varied ways over a long period of time. This award is not given out lightly - in fact, over the several decades that the Lifesaving Society has been active in Nova Scotia, it has been presented only twice before.

Peter O'Brien has been involved with the Society since the early 1980's, when he completed his National Lifeguard Award at Acadia University. All through his chosen profession in the Aquatics and Recreation fields, Peter has instructed, mentored, and counselled a multitude of youth and young adults. Peter has certified over 600 Lifesaving and National Lifeguard Service Instructors during his tenure - these Instructors have gone out and spread critical skills and knowledge to many thousands more.

Peter's service to the Lifesaving Society has not been restricted to teaching at the grass roots level. He has been an active participant on the Board of Directors, serving 4 different Presidents and holding most volunteer posts at one time or another. Peter has helped with program renewal and professional development, and has been a determined promoter of the Society. His reach has extended outside the province as well, helping sister provinces such as Newfoundland, when he conducted a Provincial Trainer clinic in St. John's, and he has attended National AGM's in every province save British Columbia. As one Past President acknowledged, every time a call went out for volunteers to step up, Peter's name always appeared.

Peter O'Brien has served our Society with a grace and dedication that is truly unique - he has done it without need or want of recognition and reward, and in a selfless volunteer capacity. There is no mechanism to count how many Nova Scotian and Canadian lives Peter has saved through his teachings and organizational work, but we are absolutely sure that it is many.


Reprinted from "AquaLines"

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