Members of Acadia community at National Karate Championship

Three members of the Acadia community will be taking part in the National Karate Championships, at the Canada Games Centre in Halifax from March 9-11, 2018.

Gary Walsh
Director Acadia Robotics

Gary Walsh

Gary is in his 3rd term as President of Karate Nova Scotia, as well as his 2nd term as a Director of Karate Canada. Gary is also a Pan Am Official, and in 2015 worked at the Toronto Pan Am Games as the Head Venue Director for the Karate portion of the Games.

He is extremely proud to be hosting the Canadian Karate Championships.

In addition, Gary is the first NCCP - MCD (Master Coach Developer) for Karate Canada, and will be Facilitating and Evaluating during the week of the Championships.


Dr. Lauren Lattimer
PhD, Certified Athletic Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer
Full-time Instructor, School of Kinesiology, Acadia University 

Lauren Lattimer

Dr. Lauren Lattimer is a Certified Athletic Therapist and full-time instructor in the School of Kinesiology at Acadia. During the 2018 Fall Semester, Lauren was the interim Head Athletic Therapist for several varsity teams at Acadia, including Men’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Rugby and the Swim Team. Lauren was also part of the National Ski Team for Canada, competing from 2001-2003. Lauren is excited to be working with Karate Canada to provide medical coverage for the upcoming National Championship in Halifax.

Sarah Mackinnon

Certified Athletic Therapist, MSc Candidate
Laboratory Assistant, School of Kinesiology, Acadia University
MSc (BIOL) Candidate, Acadia University

Sarah Mackinnon is a Certified Athletic Therapists currently instructing part-time in the School of Kinesiology at Acadia. She has worked as Head Athletic Therapist for the Varsity Football team for the past two seasons. Sarah is also currently working on her Master’s degree at Acadia, performing research in the John MacIntyre motion Laboratory of Applied Biomechanics (mLAB). Sarah is working with Karate Canada and Karate Nova Scotia to organize medical coverage (including athletic therapists, sports physiotherapists and physicians) for the upcoming tournament and will also be providing medical coverage as an athletic therapist throughout the event. Sarah is looking forward to meeting and working with all the top-tier karate athletes (and their support staff) from across Canada.

National Karate Championships

The National Championships have not been in Nova Scotia since 2005, so the energy is high and the stakes even higher, as athletes compete for National Honours to become part of Team Canada for various World and International Tournaments; one of those being the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

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