New Students in the New Normal: Maclean's Highlights First-Year Experience

First-year Alexandra Leeder departs a coach bus with her luggage. Photo courtesy Darren Calabrese, Maclean's
First-year kinesiology student Alexandra Leeder (centre) arrived from Ontario for studies at Acadia. (Photograph by Darren Calabrese)

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced many challenges and changes for students, staff, and faculty. From coast to coast, campuses were forced to change their traditional welcome experience, and Acadia University was no different. Among many changes and new protocols, out-of-province students self-isolated for two weeks, undertook multiple tests for COVID-19, and participated in virtual orientation and welcome activities. “I feel pretty safe with what they have prepared for the students. They’re doing their best,” said first-year student Alexandra Leeder.

As part of a story highlighting the first-year experience in universities across Canada, Maclean's featured Leeder, Dr. Geoffrey Whitehall (Head, Department of Politics), and Scott Duguay (Vice-Provost Students, Recruitment and Enrolment Management).

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