Smells that repel: Dr. Nicoletta Faraone and AtlanTick crafting new tick repellant

Dr. Nicoletta Faraone stands in a laboratory in the Huestis Innovation Pavilion at Acadia University

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Nicoletta Faraone is on the front lines of battle with a pesky parasite all too familiar to many Nova Scotians: ticks.

Dr. Faraone's work is only becoming more important as climate change creates a more hospitable environment to ticks. “Particularly here in the Maritimes and in Canada in general, where we are experiencing warmer winters, we are expecting an increase in the population."

To help combat ticks, she is experimenting with their sensory system and exploring their sense of smell to analyze more effective deterrents. Dr. Faraone is working with local entrepreneur Lisa Learning of AtlanTick on a new repellent spray that will offer 95% efficacy and longer protection than their original product.

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