Provincial and federal governments invest in ALAB to bolster local beverage industry

"Acadia is proud to be part of this important economic story in Nova Scotia.” - Leigh Huestis

The provincial and federal governments are boosting their support of Nova Scotia's local beverage industry by investing in new equipment for the Acadia Laboratory for Agri-food and Beverage (ALAB). The province, through the Department of Agriculture, is providing $145,950. The Government of Canada, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s Innovative Communities Fund, is providing a $99,500 non-repayable contribution.

The new lab equipment will provide for new and improved testing services that will allow the lab to provide the same analysis for craft beer, spirits, and cider as it already does for the wine industry. This analysis is crucial for accurate labelling and providing quality assurance for taste and shelf stability. It will also help ALAB work towards achieving ISO accreditation.

“This investment represents the ongoing commitment to support Nova Scotia’s wine/grape sector, and now greater support for the growing beer, cider and spirits sectors," says Leigh Huestis, director of Acadia's Office of Industry & Community Engagement. "Government is helping ALAB expand its efficiency to help industry expand its export markets and gain even greater levels of success. Acadia is proud to be part of this important economic story in Nova Scotia.”

For more information, please see the news release by the Government of Nova Scotia.

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