University and Town call for increased vigilance to protect others from COVID-19

Two female students walk past the Al Whittle Theatre on an autumn day while wearing protective masks.

Acadia University and the Town of Wolfville call for increased vigilance as COVID-19 numbers climb in Nova Scotia.

Acadia University has taken the following steps as part of a province-wide effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Effective until at least May 12:

  • All classes and labs moved to remote delivery only until at least May 12. Faculty members are working with students to determine how they will continue their studies during this period.
  • All employees who can work from home are required to do so. No one should be on campus who is not deemed essential as on-campus support.
  • Only research activity required to maintain health and safety and provide animal care is permitted on campus.
  • The Vaughan Memorial Library will continue remote service but close for drop-off and pick-up until April 30.
  • Campus facilities, including the Athletics Complex, will be closed until further notice. The Woodland Trails will remain open. Exceptions are in place for delivery services and those picking up students.  

Recently, RCMP fined Acadia students for a gathering that did not adhere to Nova Scotia Public Health protocols. Acadia University appreciates the efforts of the RCMP to keep the community safe and endorses issuing fines for COVID-19 gathering violations.

Over the past thirteen months, Acadia has worked closely with the Town of Wolfville, RCMP, and public health authorities to implement policies and protocols designed to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Generally, students have followed the guidelines outlined in these safety measures. The University is grateful to them for their diligence.    

As the health and safety of our community are paramount, Acadia condemns health and safety violations in the strongest terms and takes them seriously. Students found to violate provincially mandated guidance or University protocols will be investigated and possibly sanctioned under the Student Code of Conduct. In deference to the protection of personal privacy, Acadia cannot speak to individual cases.

Acadia University President Dr. Peter Ricketts is pleased that the conduct of most students has been mature and conscientious.

“We count on all of our students to share the responsibility for keeping the Acadia community safe – both on and off campus,” he said, urging continued vigilance. “At this time of increased infection, we must re-double our adherence to protocols, physical distancing, wear face masks, hand washing, limiting non-essential contact, and getting tested. Doing these things will help us get through this period of increased threat as healthy as possible.”

Acadia representatives meet with the Town and RCMP at the beginning of each week to review items of mutual concern. Wolfville Mayor Wendy Donovan also maintains regular contact with the University and is pleased with the collaboration to date.

“I would like to thank members of the Wolfville community, including students, for working hard to keep residents safe,” said Donovan. However, she feels increased community spread in Nova Scotia in recent days is a cause for concern. “Now is a time for hyper-vigilance, taking every effort to keep ourselves and our neighbours safe from the virus. I am grateful to Acadia for working hard to keep students informed and to the RCMP for enforcing the rules when necessary.”

Acadia reserves the right to investigate and respond to off-campus violations by current Acadia University students where the complainant is a member of the Acadia community and/or the matter has been referred by the Town of Wolfville and/or RCMP.

Acadia Students’ Union President Matthew Stanbrook says the unique opportunity to live and study in Wolfville shouldn’t be taken for granted. He asks students staying in the Town over the summer to continue abiding by the safety guidelines required by the University and the province.   

Acadia University has made additional space available on campus for the Nova Scotia Health Authority to increase testing capacity in the Wolfville area. Please visit the Nova Scotia Health website for more information.

Dr. Peter Ricketts
President and Vice-Chancellor
Acadia University
Ms. Wendy Donovan
Town of Wolfville
Mr. Matthew Stanbrook
Acadia Students' Union

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