BIOL 2663 CIN4

Marine Biology

This course will teach you about the oceans of the world, what lives in them, how they function, how they are important to humans and our impact on them.

Instructor: Mike Dadswell
Course Type: Online; Continuous-intake. Register anytime and learn at your own pace

Everywhere in the ocean, there is life. For all its vastness, the ocean is fragile and humans need to know far more about it before we damage it beyond repair. In this course you will experience the vastness, study the complexity, and observe the fragility.

Topics include:

  • Geological, physical, and chemical characteristics of the oceans
  • Develop an ability to use the equipment required to sample the physical, chemical, and biotic characteristics of the ocean
  • Become familiar with the life in the sea, how to recognize organisms, and how humans impact these organisms

From geological history to the intricacies of the ocean ecosystems, this course will help you develop a broad understanding of marine biology.